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Looking For A Westie Puppy

West Highland White terriers can make ideal family pets, they are however not lap dogs as people sometimes think.

Westies enjoy running around, digging and love daily walks and plenty of attention.

Westies require regular grooming. The require brushing daily and either Hand stripping ( When showing your westie) or clippering ( More popular when kept as pets).

Most good breeders would not recommend a family having a young puppy if they have children under the age of 5 for many reasons such as:
  • The time required training a small puppy.
  • Running in and out toilet training is very time consuming at the begining.
  • Children love the thought of a puppy but once the puppy is nipping at the childs feet or stealing the childs toys the excitement soon diminishes.
I would always recommend serious planning and thought about how a puppy would fit into your life. It has to be fair to both you and your family, but also equally fair to the puppy.

A good breeder will not allow anyone to buy a puppy without some kind of questioning, possible home visits. The breeder has to satisfy themselves that the family can offer a good home. Most breeders will breed their puppies with a view of life long support and responsibility to the puppies.

My real interest is showing but I am always happy to pass on genuine enquires for puppies to good breeders who may have planned litters where there many be a few quality puppies avaliable.

If I am asked to give one piece of advice to a potential puppy buyer I would say always make sure that the breeder is affiliated with the breed club in their area. Link pages has the breed clubs details.